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Souldier Indian Shade T-Shirt
Souldier Indian Shade T-Shirt is a sleek and stylish t-shirt from the brand Souldier Tattoo...
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Souldier Tattoo Clothing Line... A Label inspired by the American Tattoo Culture.

New School, Tatttoo Lettering, Calligraphy or Chicano Style, all this has an effect about years on our Lifestyle. 
If black does appropriate 99% of your garderobe there belongs Colour on your Skin!
Tattoos graces our Bodies and Tattostyles on our Shirts are adding this faible marvelously.
This genuine rendition has taken place in a small Masterpiece throughout a feather which was engaged a lot of years with this Style. 
What we are planning will not be snitched...
See ya at the Souldier Tattoo Clothing Troop Camp... Cheers
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